It's official, the

state funeral

will be celebrated for former Interior Minister Roberto Maroni,

who died on Tuesday 22 November

at the age of 67.

The Council of Ministers approved it unanimously. 

The public funeral will be held

tomorrow morning in Varese

at 11.00 at the Basilica of San Vittore

Among others there will be the Prime Minister,

Giorgia Meloni


During the discussion in the classroom, the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa wanted to dedicate a memory and a moment of reflection to Roberto Maroni.

“I have a great friendship with Bobo, I want to remember here his political and professional ability but above all his serenity and his humanity, the will to unite and never divide.

His great passion, in addition to politics, was music, he gave birth to the District 51 band and now I like to imagine him on a cloud,

playing with a choir of angels

for all of Italy, for all of us ", he said .