A monetization that has done damage.

The conversion of the personal training account (CPF) into euros since 2019 has prompted criminals to attempt to misappropriate these public funds.

The Gendarmerie's Central Criminal Intelligence Service (SCRC) has identified the procedures opened in France between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. According to information from

RTL radio


440 investigations were opened over this period.

In reality, the number could be much larger, because many individuals do not file a complaint, according to the boss of the SCRC interviewed by the radio.

A vast police dragnet on Thursday

The operating modes favored by the crooks are diverse: extortion of identifiers from individuals after sending SMS, which allows the criminals to empty the training accounts of their victim.

But also real training, which is overcharged.

Or obtaining account codes in exchange for gifts.

Ten people were indicted on Thursday for fraud in an organized gang, suspected of embezzlement under the personal training account (CPF), according to AFP information from judicial sources.

They were suspected of being involved in two networks, possibly linked, which had fraudulently obtained since 2021, thanks to fictitious training companies, money from the Caisse des dépôts (CDC) for a total damage estimated at 8.2 million euros.

Miscellaneous facts

CPF scam: Two networks dismantled, fourteen people arrested


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