There should be no fireworks ban zones in the Hessian state capital, and there are also no plans for a general ban on private fireworks.

A spokesman for the city said on Friday when asked.

"We are currently not planning a ban on fireworks, not even at the Kurhaus," he said.

But: There will be no municipal fireworks at the Kurhaus this year, nor are there plans for a light and drone show.

There was no official confirmation of this from the city.

In the summer of this year, the cooperation groups asked the magistrate in a joint application in the Economic Committee to examine the possibility of a drone and laser show instead of the official city fireworks at the Kurhaus.

This offers more display options than traditional fireworks and is more environmentally friendly, the application said.

Every year, thousands of people from Wiesbaden gather at the Kurhaus at the turn of the year to admire the fireworks.

The application did not mention a general ban on firecrackers in the city.

Such a private firecracker ban is currently being discussed across Germany.

The opponents argue with the fine dust pollution and many injuries on New Year's Eve.

Due to the corona pandemic, there were no private fireworks in 2020 and the sale of private fireworks was banned at the turn of the year.

The police union and also the German Environmental Aid had called for a general ban on firecrackers, but this should not be the case this year.

Numerous cities in Germany are planning so-called firecracker ban zones.

In Wiesbaden, citizens will again be able to fire their rockets and firecrackers everywhere except in the vicinity of old people's homes, hospitals and other sensitive places.