China News Agency, Hainan, Wenchang, November 12 (Ma Shuisha) According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, on November 12, China successfully launched the Tianzhou-5 cargo using the Long March 7 Yao 6 carrier rocket at the Wenchang Space Launch Site. spaceship.

The Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft was loaded with about 6.7 tons of supplies, including the "Macau Student Science Satellite 1".

The picture shows the launch of the Long March 7 Yao 6 carrier rocket carrying the Tianzhou 5 cargo spacecraft.

Photo by Luo Yunfei

  At 10:03 Beijing time, the Long March 7 Yao-6 carrier rocket carrying the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft was ignited and launched on time at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in China. About 10 minutes later, the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft and the rocket successfully separated and entered The scheduled orbit, the solar panels of the spacecraft started work smoothly, and the launch was a complete success.

In the follow-up, the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft will conduct autonomous and rapid rendezvous and docking with the orbiting space station complex.

  The Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft was loaded with supplies such as consumables, propellants, and practical (test) devices for the six-month in-orbit stay of the three astronauts of Shenzhou-15. It also carried the "Macao Student Science Satellite 1". ”, aerospace hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells, space wide energy spectrum high-energy particle detection loads and other test projects.

  "Macau Student Science Satellite No. 1" was developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth Academy Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd. Soon, this satellite will be released from the Chinese space station in orbit, and will present "Chinese science popularization" to the world in space blockbuster".

  In recent years, more and more scientists from Hong Kong and Macau have been deeply involved in China's aerospace engineering missions.

The mission to carry the "Macao Student Science Satellite No. 1" is also an important measure taken by the state to closely strengthen the cooperation between the mainland and Macao in aerospace science and technology and to promote the development of Macao's aerospace industry.

  According to the mission plan, four cargo spacecraft from Tianzhou-2 to Tianzhou-5 were launched during the key technology verification and construction phase of the Chinese space station, and the cargo compartments were all fully sealed.

The Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft was successfully launched on May 29, 2021, and the Tianzhou-5 spacecraft was the last cargo spacecraft to perform an applied transportation mission at this stage.

  It is reported that this is the 26th launch mission of China's manned space project and the 449th flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles.