• On TikTok, a man who says he is an engineer at Twitter claims he was fired over email.

    Worse still, the company allegedly only sent him a meme announcing the decision.

  • “It is time to leave the nest.

    You're fired,” sums up the humorous image sent in the body of the email.

  • But the man is not an ex-employee of Twitter, but an American comedian.

    The video is satirical.

So Twitter will never stop?

Since the official arrival of Elon Musk at its head, the social network has been in turmoil.

The new boss even announced last week the massive dismissal of half of the employees.

In the process, some were alerted by e-mail that they were leaving the company immediately.

Still others have had their access to their mailbox or computer session withdrawn without explanation.

On TikTok, a man who calls himself an employee posted a new video this weekend where he in turn recounts having been fired by Twitter.

He presents himself as a social network engineer for five years.

Beyond his surprise at having been fired, he recounts how the facts unfolded: “I was not dismissed by a call or during a meeting, nor by message.

No, I was fired by email and I'll show you”.

On the screen, the alleged employee displays the message sent by a certain Hannah Hotzenberg.

In the middle of the very laconic dismissal texts, a meme [a small humorous image] with the message: “Time to leave the nest.

You’re fired”.

Understand here “It is time to leave the nest.

You are fired ".

But contrary to what he claims, he did not work at Twitter.

20 Minutes

takes stock.


I was just fired by Twitter and this is what they sent me… #twitter #elonmusk #fired

♬ original sound - Matt Shaver

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“Hi Math.

Please look at the attached image.

Access to your mailbox will end today at 6 p.m.

The dismissal email is cold and no employee would want to receive it.

It is accompanied by the meme quoted above of a hilarious Elon Musk asking his employee to “leave the nest”.

The email is signed by Hannah Hotzenberg who would be CPO (French Product Manager).



Only, by searching on Google, no Hannah Hotzenberg seems to work with the social network Twitter.

Same observation on LinkedIn, the professional social network.

We also attempt to send an e-mail to the address used by the issuer.

But very quickly, we receive the following return: "Your message was not sent to hannah@twitter.com because the address cannot be found or cannot receive mail".

It's hard to believe that the person who sent this e-mail really exists.

A satirical video

But is Matt Shaver at least an employee at Twitter?

In reality, the man who testifies is a TikTokeur followed by 145,000 subscribers.

The American is used to humorous videos of all kinds.

This is not the only one that Matt Shaver has published about Twitter.

In another video published earlier this week, Matt Shaver this time tackles the reintegration of certain employees fired from the company.

The comedian posted another email with a new meme: “Don't take flight.

Come home to the roof”.

Which means, "Don't fly away.

Go home to roost.”

Given the extent of its content, Matt Shaver even had to post a message on his Twitter account: “Warning.

These two videos were satirical, parodies.

It's crazy to me how many people thought they were real, and how many more people want them to be real so they have someone to hate (me or Elon Musk).

Thank you to the remaining 25% who sent me advice or offered help.”

However, this satire highlights the disastrous condition of the former employees of the social network.

At the end of last week, a class action was even filed by the former employees to protest against the non-respect of the 60-day notice period required by American law in the event of mass layoffs (Warn Act).

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