The remains of an airplane propeller were unearthed by workers participating in sanitation work in Trouville-sur-Mer (Calvados).

The part, of which two of the four blades are missing, would belong to a plane of the Second World War;

have estimated several specialists.

Patrick Hélie, president of the Merville Dakota association quoted by Le Pays d'Auge, judged that the device could be a military fighter.

For this, he relied on the number of initial blades of the propeller.

The expert even went further by evoking a British Typhoon shot down by a German plane 4 km south-east of Trouville-sur-Mer, on September 24, 1943. Its pilot had then been taken prisoner.

However, this theory is not unanimous among connoisseurs.

The discovery of the spare part in an area where no other aircraft parts were found also raises questions.

The absence of two blades and the appearance of the two remaining blades led Patrick Hélie to say that the aircraft could have been forced to land “on its belly”.


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