The lack of care at Sunderby Hospital has led to extremely long waiting times for patients in the emergency department - and the staff have to work harder.

On Tuesday, Nadja Ståhl told us that she cried when she got home after work.

She felt inadequate and the region's management team held a crisis meeting regarding the situation in the emergency room.

The problem was solved in the short term by, among other things, placing adult surgical patients in the children's ward.

Now the same situation with long waiting times has arisen again, where patients lie for several days in the lighted corridor waiting to get a place in a department.

- On Friday, when I started work at 1:00 p.m., we had patients queuing up for the ward, and those patients are still there.

Resigned last Friday

Since 2007, Nadja Ståhl has worked within Region Norrbotten, where she started as an assistant nurse and later trained as a nurse.

She is now studying to become a specialist nurse.

But it is something she has to do in her spare time because the region has not helped with further education.

Last Friday, she resigned and now she is leaning towards going to a staffing company, but she sees it as short-term and wants to be able to return to Region Norrbotten in the future if the situation improves.