Starting today, an alphanumeric code associated with the protocol number, or a name - even a fictional one - will replace the name of the woman on the fetuses buried in the Capitoline cemeteries.

This is the main change to the cemetery police regulations made today by the Capitol regarding the burial of fetuses, stillbirths and abortion products.

The list of protocols will be kept in the cemetery and its access allowed only to the woman or to those entitled in the event of the death of the woman concerned. 

Until now, the burial of abortion products and fetuses has been automatic and arranged in the same areas where stillborn babies are buried.

In particular, this provision provides that the woman or any entitled persons may opt for the burial or cremation of the products of conception, abortion products and fetuses. 

The second important change concerns the protection of the woman's anonymity by providing that on the funeral stone, no longer the cross, placed in the burial area (children's squares), only an alphanumeric code associated with the protocol number of the request is reported.

The proposal is also accepted, for those who request it, to affix a name, even a fantasy name, a term of endearment, a symbol or a date on the stone.

"Today a fundamental phase for women's rights has closed. For the protection of their privacy and respect for their choices - said the councilor for productive activities, equal opportunities and safety of Roma Capitale, Monica Lucarelli -. Today Rome he added a fundamental piece in the mosaic of civilization and rights ".