A state of shock and sadness pervaded social media platforms in Tunisia during the past hours, after the bodies of 5 fetuses were found buried in a pot on the roof of a medical clinic.

The details of the topic indicate - according to what was published by local news sites - that during a riot following a match that brought Bizerte Sports Club to Esperance, yesterday evening, Wednesday, in the city of Bizerte (north), a group of young men threw a pot from the roof of a building at the security forces. who pursued them.

The smashing of the pottery pots used for growing plants revealed the bodies of 5 underdeveloped fetuses.

The published accounts - which were also reported by Tunisian radio stations this morning - indicated that the roof of the building belongs to a closed medical clinic, noting that these fetuses belong to women who performed an abortion illegally.

A video clip documenting the discovery of the incomplete embryos was spread on the communication sites (Al-Jazeera Net refrains from publishing the video because of the shocking scenes), where the embryos appeared scattered on the asphalt and surrounded by parts of the pot in which they were buried.

The voices of the young men who had found the fetuses rose, and feelings of shock overwhelmed them, as one of them began to count, and another spoke of the need to put them in a plastic bag, and a third described the condition of the fetuses.

booed and shocked

The pioneers of networking sites in Tunisia deplored the painful scenes, considering that what is happening is a moral crisis in the first place, and that those who did this are monsters and not human beings.

One of the follow-ups to the incident said that since she heard about the matter, she was fascinated by the wonders of predestination and the wisdom of God, and she explained the matter by saying: A football midwife ends and is followed by riots and dens between the police and a number of young men. It shows 5 corpses of fetuses in different stages of pregnancy.

And she continued: Glory to the one who says to a thing, Be, and it is. Glory be to my Lord, who willed to reveal the truth of these innocent souls and reveal this crime for a wisdom that only Him knows.

On the other hand, many people contented themselves with transmitting the same post on Facebook that accompanied the original video, with the addition of a shocking phrase.


According to the local radio station Mosaique FM, it appears that the number of fetuses is more than five, noting that doubts are hovering around the medical clinic, and that the condition of the fetuses is not rotten and appears to have been buried in a special way to avoid rotting and odors coming out of them.

Yesterday evening, the police opened an investigation into the incident, and according to the speculations of a security source, the fetuses originated from abortions that were carried out inside the closed clinic.

Tunisia is one of the countries that allow abortion under conditions, and according to Chapter 214 of the Penal Code, a pregnancy can be intentionally aborted in two cases: First: If the pregnancy does not exceed the first 3 months, and second: It is authorized after that if it is feared that the continuation of the pregnancy will cause the mother’s health to collapse.

According to the same law, in both cases, the abortion process must be carried out in a hospital or licensed clinic and by a physician direct to his profession in a legal manner in order to avoid any danger to the mother’s health.

Abortion in Tunisia is conditionally limited (Getty Images)

Abortion Penalties

The law punishes “the use of all means, including food, drinks, medicine, or other means to abort a pregnancy, with imprisonment, a fine, or one of the two penalties, the mother concerned and whoever assisted or referred her to this.”

It also stipulates that "a woman shall be punished for the crime of abortion under any circumstance, whether she uses a home method for abortion or goes to an equipped center, with imprisonment for two years and a fine of $650."

Family and relatives who assisted her in this, and the doctor who performed the operation or the pharmacist who sold the abortion medicine, shall also be punished with imprisonment and a fine.

Anyone who aids an abortion is punishable by five years in prison and a fine of $3,500.

The penalty is increased to up to 10 years in prison for anyone who aids an abortion and has medical authority to perform the abortion or administer drugs that aid in it.

In fact, this law is not implemented, as several press investigations revealed the existence of medical clinics and clinics that perform abortions outside legal frameworks.