Regarding the situation in Myanmar, which continues to be confused after the coup, the outline of the content to be discussed at the ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit meeting to be held this month has been revealed.

Among them, if no progress is made on the immediate cessation of violence, etc., Myanmar's participation in future ASEAN meetings will be further restricted.

Since the coup d'état last year, the military has been in power in Myanmar. is far from being fulfilled.

Regarding this issue, ASEAN is scheduled to hold a summit meeting in Cambodia from next week, and NHK has obtained the outline of the discussion.

According to this, in addition to formulating a plan with a deadline for the implementation of the ▽ agreement, ▽ if the implementation of the agreement does not progress, the military will take the real power at all ministerial meetings including the ASEAN summit meeting. Participation from is limited to non-political representatives.

ASEAN has so far urged the implementation of the agreement by dispatching special envoys to Myanmar, but the military side has not changed its stubborn attitude.

For this reason, attention is focused on whether discussions will be held based on the content of this outline at the summit meeting, and whether ASEAN will be able to come up with a unified response.