A cyberattack affected the internal digital system of the town hall of Brunoy (Essonne), last Saturday.

Since then, the agents no longer have access to their emails, their Internet calendar or to the software.

Faced with this situation, the municipality filed a complaint, reports

Le Parisien


The hackers sent a ransom demand of $5 million to unblock the servers.

The amount could rise to 10 million dollars in the event of non-payment quickly.

The municipality, supported by specialists from the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), locked the entire network to prevent the attack from spreading.

However, she wants to be reassuring, explaining that public services will continue to operate.

The agents, on the other hand, saw their way of working, for lack of access to the computer system.

Appointments made before the cyberattack will thus be honoured.

It is nevertheless impossible for the 26,000 inhabitants to reserve new ones, in the immediate future.

“We work on sight”, testified sources close to the Town Hall, also evoking “the D system”.


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