China News Service, Beijing, November 2 (Liu Huan) The registration for the national entrance examination has reached the ninth day, entering the final period. The competition ratio for some positions has exceeded 4,500:1, but there are still job registrations that remain in single digits.

  The national entrance examination registration is at its peak, and the preparation for the examination will also enter a 30-day countdown.

Why are students still taking a wait-and-see attitude?

How to stabilize the mentality and prepare for the exam in the last 30 days?

Data map: Candidates enter the examination room for the civil service examination.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yong

The ratio of popular positions has exceeded 4,500:1, and there are still a large number of positions that have not been applied for

  Data shows that since October 25, one million people have signed up in seven days, more than the same period last year.

  Judging from the progress of registration, the competition for popular positions has exceeded 4500:1.

  For example, the position of "First-Class Administrative Law Enforcer (3)" of the Qumalai County Taxation Bureau of Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau ranks first in the application heat.

  Although this position belongs to the "post in the western region and hard and remote areas", as of 20:00 on the 1st, the number of people who have passed the application review for this position has reached 4,512, and the number of applications pending review has reached 337.

  From the point of view of the registered positions, according to the data released on the official website of the National Civil Service Bureau, as of 15:00 on November 1, 2022, there are 2,040 positions with fewer applicants for the 2023 exam, and 4,549 people have been recruited, of which 0 have passed the examination. There are more than 400 jobs.

  There are also some job registrations that stay in the single digits.

For example, as of 20:00 on the 27th, as of 20:00 on the 27th, for the position of "first-level administrative law enforcement officer" in Yunfu Maritime Safety Administration of Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration, 1 person has passed the review, and the number of people to be reviewed is 0.

At 20:00 on the 1st, the registration data has not changed.

  The phenomenon of “inconsistency between hot and cold” in the registration of the national entrance examination is obvious. Qian Yuying, a professor at the School of Politics and Public Administration of Soochow University, said in an interview with that most of the popular candidates in previous years were positions with relatively wide conditions, such as “three nos”. “Limited” (not limited to majors, academic qualifications, and grass-roots work experience), and those who apply for the unpopular are often positions with stricter conditions.

  "The 'hot and cold difference' of applying for the exam is an irrational phenomenon, which will have a negative impact on the recruiting unit and the candidates. If the position is too unpopular, the recruiting unit cannot complete the recruitment plan; if the position is too popular, the admission probability of candidates will be greatly reduced. "

Data map: Candidates take the national entrance examination written test.

Photo by Su Yang issued by China News Agency

Candidates: I dare not apply for popular positions, and there is a phenomenon of abandonment in the national examination.

  Judging from the number of applicants for the national entrance examination, although the number of applicants continues to rise, there are still candidates who are still on the sidelines.

  "I haven't decided yet, because my major is limited, my family is in Jiangxi, and there are very few jobs available in the local and surrounding provinces and cities." Li Tao is a senior candidate majoring in political science, preparing to take the national exam in 2023.

  Unlike most of her classmates who are preparing for postgraduate entrance exams, she decided to take the national exam in the second half of her junior year. She started preparing for the exam at the end of August, but she had not yet determined a specific position when she signed up.

  "There are specific positions to choose from, but the final registration still depends on the application ratio. Among the positions that you like, the ones with the fewest applications are selected," Li Tao said, and he is considering tax positions in Beijing and Tianjin. Among the positions, there are already a lot of applicants in Beijing and fewer in Tianjin.”

  Another undergraduate student majoring in advertising, Chen Xi, has signed a tripartite agreement with a bank in Jiangsu, but he is still considering applying for the national exam and transferring students from the central government.

  The wait-and-see and hesitation of candidates is also reflected in the annual abandonment rate.

  Zheng Wenzhao, an expert from the Huatu Education Research Institute, pointed out that although the competition for the national examination is becoming more and more fierce, it can be seen that the reference rate of the national examination in 2022 will be about 81.6%, and nearly 20% of people will abandon the examination before the examination. The average competition ratio has increased from the original. 68:1 dropped to 46:1.

Data map: The scene of the national examination.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Zhongju

The countdown to preparing for the exam is about to enter a month, how can candidates stabilize their mentality?

  According to the announcement, the written test for public subjects will be held simultaneously in municipalities, provincial capitals, autonomous region capitals and some larger cities across the country on December 4.

On December 4th, from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning, the subject examination of the administrative professional ability test will be conducted, and from 14:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon of December 4th, the subject examination of the application will be conducted.

  As for job selection, Qian Yuying believes that fresh graduates in 2023 should cherish the opportunity given by the state to recruit fresh graduates with a special preference, and choose positions that are highly compatible and competitive with their majors, "this will help give full play to their professional advantages. , increasing the probability of success.”

  Lin An failed the postgraduate entrance examination in March this year, and took the provincial examination in July. After the interview was swiped, she decided to take the national examination.

And the classmates around her are either already working, or they have succeeded in postgraduate entrance examinations and public examinations. She has been under anxiety and pressure.

  "For a long time, I have been reviewing, repairing and adjusting myself," Lin An said. Now Kao Gong is still an unknown road, but she has relieved a lot. "Ten years later, I will look at this year or two. Exam preparation is just a short experience. I am still young, and the road will always be wider and wider." (At the request of the interviewee, some characters in the article are pseudonyms) (End)