Wilfried Devillers 06:12, October 21, 2022

This summer has been marred by the multiplication of acts of vandalism in the name of the environmental and anti-capitalist struggle.

Golf, SUVs, jacuzzis, private jets… all these symbols of wealth have been attacked by collectives who claim more and more shock actions of this kind.

When activists attack symbols of wealth.

On September 24, Attac militants invaded the Quai des Billionaires in Antibes.

The day before, Le Bourget airport was blocked by other activists to protest against the use of private jets.

In recent months, one type of action has multiplied: acts of vandalism in the name of the ecological and anti-capitalist struggle.

On the side of the victims, it is "misunderstanding"

"Bourgeois, your tranquility is over."

Tagged in capital letters, these words could be read on the Saint-Cloud golf green in early October.

During the night, Les Sangliers radicalisés, a militant group, turned over the lawn of the golf course, ripped out several sprinkler systems and damaged holes with pickaxes.

The activists are not at their first attempt: a dozen golf courses have been targeted in the last three months in France, including that of Nancy where the holes of the course have been concreted.

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For the boss of golf, Bruno Escamez, it is misunderstanding.

"Beyond ecology, what for us is incomprehensible is the struggle of social classes present on the messages. When we put on our greens that we want to eat the rich, I am on a public golf course , we are in a peri-urban area, we have all social classes together”, he assures.

This type of action has become frequent since this summer, marked by a historic drought.

In early August, jacuzzis were drilled in Gérardmer, in the Vosges.

In Brittany, second homes have been tagged with the inscription "Fini les riche".

There are also SUV deflators: since July, the group has claimed the inflation of more than 250 vehicles in Paris alone.

With, there too, an ecological message and a desire to attack the symbols of wealth.