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  Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Xiaosong and Zhu Jichai

  On the morning of the 16th, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which attracted worldwide attention, was grandly opened.

On behalf of the 19th Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a report to the conference, drawing a grand blueprint for building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way.

  On the morning of the 17th, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to his Guangxi delegation to discuss the report of the 20th National Congress with everyone.

  During the discussion, everyone talked about achievements, experiences, and suggestions, full of trust, confidence, and strength.

  Zhu Xuelan, a representative from Shanping Village, Cangwu County, Guangxi, talked about the great changes brought about by the development of tea industry in remote Yaozhai villages, and his excitement was beyond words.

  Shanping Village used to be a poor village. Under the leadership of Zhu Xuelan, the whole village developed the tea industry together. Now, the per capita income of the villagers exceeds 20,000 yuan per year. Happy Mountain".

  Zhu Xuelan said happily: "A dozen years ago, my daughter-in-law came to my house and walked more than 4 hours on the mountain road. Before entering the door, she wanted to go back to her parents' house. In today's Shanping Village, not only the local girls do not want to leave, but the non-local girls also want to marry. Come here, many young men from other villages also want to be son-in-law!"

  General Secretary Xi Jinping nodded with satisfaction: "The tea industry has a bright future. The next step is to develop our own brand and make the tea industry bigger and stronger."

  The great change of Yaozhai Village is a wave of great changes in the new era.

  In the past 10 years, all the 6.34 million registered poor people in Guangxi have been lifted out of poverty, and the landscape of Bagui has changed.

  In the past 10 years, nearly 100 million rural poor people in China have been lifted out of poverty, the problem of absolute poverty has been solved historically, and a moderately prosperous society has been built in an all-round way.

  At this moment, the delegates couldn't help but think of the words that General Secretary Xi Jinping said during his inspection in Guangxi: "What the Chinese say, what the Chinese Communist Party says, and what the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party say count!"

  "Thank you, General Secretary, the party's good policy has allowed us to eat 'tea fragrant rice' and embark on a 'happy road'. With the strong leadership of the party, we are full of hope and motivated to achieve common prosperity." Zhu Xuelan's simple words express everyone's heart.

  The brilliant achievements of the new era have won the trust of the people.

  This trust is the trust in the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the trust in Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the trust in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics!

  The bright future of the new journey inspires the confidence to forge ahead.

  In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping described the bright prospects of Chinese-style modernization, which contains the distinctive background of "beautiful China".

  Representative Zhou Jiabin, secretary of the Guilin Municipal Party Committee, said that Guilin has worked hard to maintain the authenticity, integrity and sustainability of the Lijiang River ecology over the years, and ecological protection has achieved a win-win situation with enriching the people and benefiting the people.

  Zhou Jiabin said that they will protect the Lijiang River and Guilin landscape as well as their eyes.

"We firmly believe that in the future, the Li River will have clear water and green shores, with shallow fish flying on the bottom, and flocks of egrets, showing a picture of Guilin's landscape of harmonious coexistence between man and nature."

  General Secretary Xi Jinping has a deep "Lijiang complex": when he was a boy, he once came to Guilin, which is "the best in the world", and the picturesque natural scenery left a deep impression on him.

  In April last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Guangxi for inspection and then to the Lijiang River. He was very happy to see the mountains and rivers remain the same, and at the same time repeatedly urged: "Protecting the mountains, rivers and rivers in Guangxi is our historical responsibility."

  Zhou Jiabin told the general secretary that for more than a year, they are working hard to build a world-class tourist city while protecting the landscape of Guilin.

  Zhou Jiabin said to the general secretary: "Elephant Trunk Hill Park has been opened for free."

  The general secretary asked: "Is this a period policy or a long-term policy?"

  Zhou Jiabin replied: "It's free forever."

  The general secretary nodded in approval.

  It is a big account to return the scenery to the people; to protect the ecology is to seek the long-term.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "'Guilin's landscape is the best in the world', and Guilin is positioned in one sentence. If Guilin's landscape is 'the second in the world', or it has become the world's nameless, then it is not Guilin. Guilin must eat 'landscape rice'. ."

  The general secretary urged: "Don't just think about developing the economy. Protecting Guilin's landscape is the greatest contribution to the country and the nation. This is your 'bigger of the country'."

  Wearing blue tooling and speaking neatly, Zheng Zhiming, a representative from Guangxi Automobile Group, is a national-level skill master who grew up from a fitter.

  In his speech, he mentioned that Wuling Motors started by learning from Japan.

Today, Japan is starting to study our cars.

  The general secretary said with a smile: "This is the development and change of China."

  In recent years, Zheng Zhiming has led the team of the national skill master studio, not only independently developed and completed 515 items of process equipment, but also trained nearly 20 senior technicians, senior technicians, and company specially-appointed experts through mentoring.

  The general secretary asked with concern: "Which sequence is your job title in?"

  Zheng Zhiming replied: "After two sequences, he is both a super technician and a senior engineer. If it weren't for the good national policy, a fitter like me who graduated from vocational high school would be awarded a senior title, and I would not even think about it."

  The general secretary asked again: "How is the income now?"

  Zheng Zhiming blurted out: "Very good!"

  There was a burst of knowing laughter from the audience.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We can't look down on industrial workers. When we build modernization, we must focus on manufacturing and engage in the real economy. We must change concepts and vigorously train industrial workers."

  Before I knew it, an hour and a half passed.

In the venue, the atmosphere was warm, with consensus and hope rising.

  After listening to everyone's speeches, the general secretary emphasized: "The whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country must unite into a 'one piece of hard steel' under the banner of the party, think in one place, work hard in one place, and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The giant ship rides the wind and waves and sails far away."

  Trust is full of confidence, and confidence gathers strength.

  The party has created a century-old great cause with great struggle, and it will surely lead hundreds of millions of people to create new great cause with new great struggle!