Frankfurters, salmon sandwiches, pancakes, gorgonzola and now

cooked ham


The latest listeriosis alert

concerns a batch of “High Quality Sweet Ham Dop 150g” under the Sapor di Cascina brand, number 223467, expiry date 20 October 2022, sold in Penny Market stores.

The manufacturing company is Motta Srl of Barlassina, in the Milanese area, which carried out the recall for "microbiological non-compliance: possible presence of

Listeria Monocytogenes


The website of the Ministry of Health reports it


The warning is to "do not consume the product and return it to the store for replacement or refund by October 20".

Please note that "the recall only affects the lot / expiry indicated above".

Even a batch of

Fontina DOP

from the Italian Pascoli brand was

withdrawn from the market due to the "possible presence of Escherichia Coli

, producers of shiga toxin ". The Milk and Fontina Producers Cooperative, as can be learned on the website of the Ministry of Health, has ordered the recall of batch C252105286, expiring on November 11, 2022, due to microbiological risk. The recommendation is" not to consume the product and return it to the point of sale for replacement or refund. "Some strains of the E. coli bacterium produce toxins that are very dangerous to human health, shiga toxin, which can cause a severe form of hemorrhagic diarrhea. Also, a possible complication, more frequent in children, it is severe acute renal failure, anemia and thrombocytopenia (haemolytic-uremic syndrome). In recent days a batch of Dolce Gorgonzola of the same brand had been withdrawn due to the possible presence of listeria.