Two days ago, the Alliance in Växjö asked the Center Party to come back after the decision to switch to the left side.

- You can handle a little left-wing chatter, but of course, you have to work hard to build trust again, said municipal board chairman Anna Tenje (M) at the time.

But the Center Party does not seem to want to negotiate with the Alliance again.

The Center Party themselves say that their focus is to gain political influence through a hanging agreement between C and S. The Center Party is thus prepared to release a minority government consisting of S, V and MP.

- The Center Party's decision means that the Center Party will vote for the Social Democratic candidate for chairman of the city council at Tuesday's municipal council, the party writes in a press release.

The message is welcomed by S

Municipal councilor Malin Lauber (S), writes that she is happy about the announcement and that she sees it as a new start in Växjö municipality.

- Today's announcement could mean that the Center Party gains political influence with a hanging agreement between the Social Democrats and the Center Party, writes Malin Lauber (S) in a press release.

In this year's election, the Alliance parties M, KD, C and L got fewer seats than the red-green S, V and MP.

This is what Andreas Olsson (C), municipal councilor, said about why the party left the Alliance.

Interview from 5 October 2022.

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- We have now come to the conclusion that the Center Party cannot find a way with the Alliance with our participation and therefore choose to cancel the negotiations," says Andreas Olsson, municipal councilor Center Party Photo: Ricardo Garcia/SVT