Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the leaders of the former Soviet countries on the 7th.

With the Russian army being outnumbered in the war situation in Ukraine and the confrontation with the West deepening, it seems that the aim is to tighten the former Soviet countries, which are regarded as the sphere of influence.

On the 7th, President Putin of Russia held an informal summit meeting of the CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States made up of former Soviet countries in Saint Petersburg, the second city.

At the outset, President Putin emphasized solidarity by describing the leaders who attended as "our closest friends and allies, and the leaders of countries with which we have a true strategic partnership."

President Putin's 70th birthday is on the 7th, and President Lukashenko of Belarus, who attended the meeting, presented him with an agricultural tractor. It means that

Putin is scheduled to meet again next week with the leaders of the former Soviet countries.

Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries are showing a stance of drawing a line with Russia, which continues to invade Ukraine, and President Putin is aiming to tighten up the former Soviet countries, which he regards as his sphere of influence, amid deepening conflicts with Europe and the United States. It seems.

On the other hand, due to the war situation in Ukraine, the Ukrainian side is strengthening its reversal offensive in the eastern and southern parts of the country in order to recapture the territory controlled by Russia.

"The Ukrainian army has acquired at least 440 tanks and approximately 640 armored vehicles. It is possible that more than half of the Ukrainian army's current tank force is vehicles acquired from the Russian army," the British Ministry of Defense said on the 7th. However, the Ukrainian military is utilizing the equipment left by the Russian military.

The fact that the withdrawing Russian forces left their equipment undestroyed indicates the low level of training of the Russian soldiers, and it is likely that the Russian army will continue to lose heavy weapons in the future. points out.