Rocky nautical accident in the evening in Venice: a tourist catamaran crashed into the bow of the 'Americo Vespucci', the historic motor ship of the Navy, docked in these days on the San Biasio shore, in the San Marco basin.

No person was injured and no significant damage to the 'Vespucci', while the tourist boat suffered damage to the masts of the sails.  

The incident took place under the eyes of hundreds of people, who were crowding the premises on the San Marco shore.

According to some testimonies, the tourist boat, which sailed with both sails lowered and only the engines running (it is forbidden to sail in the dock for boats of that size) would have made a sort of 'u-turn' not far from the bow of the Vespucci: the pilot did not calculate that, even without sails, the height of the central mast, about 20 meters, could not pass under the mast of the ship and therefore the impact was inevitable.

When he realized he had touched the ship, the pilot of the tourist boat reversed until the top of the mainmast was released from the ship's yard.

The catamaran was then removed.