Between the ten years, the foreign country remembers my hometown all day long.

For foreigners outside the ocean, the memory of their hometown lingers on the tip of their tongues, echoes in their ears, and layers in front of their eyes.

Between the ten years, the star frost flies, and the mountains and rivers of the homeland take on a new look.

What kind of transformation has happened to the hot spot that overseas wanderers care about now?

  China News Service has specially launched a series of special reports on "My Hometown Ten Years", inviting overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese to share with me their hometown, talk about the past, and talk about new changes.

  In this issue, Yan An, the president of the Japan Chinese Language Education Association, who is currently in Tokyo, Japan, talks about his story of promoting Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges in a foreign country.

Through the video connection, he also shared his nostalgia with his younger brother Yan Yuan, watched the development and changes of his hometown over the past ten years, and expressed his deep feelings for his hometown of Yibin, Sichuan.

Responsible editor: [Song Fangcan]