Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has fired his son Muhozi Kainerogaba from the ground forces command following a series of controversial tweets in recent days, in which he threatened to take over Kenya and offered 100 cows to marry potential Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni.

General Kaynerugaba is widely active through his Twitter account, and he used to stir up controversy on several topics, and recently participated in a number of tweets in which he threatened Kenya and vowed to control it.

"It won't take me and my army more than two weeks to seize Nairobi, the capital of Kenya," he tweeted two days ago. He continued his threats, saying in a subsequent tweet, "After our army takes Nairobi, where do I live? Westlands? Riverside?"

I would never beat up the Kenyan army because my father told me never to attempt it!

So our people in Kenya should relax!

— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) October 3, 2022

I'm glad that I have scared you Kenyans a bit!

Two weeks is long.

Nairobi in one week for sure!

Aided by my brothers from Carnival!

— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) October 3, 2022

It wouldn't take us, my army and me, 2 weeks to capture Nairobi.

— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) October 3, 2022

These tweets angered many Kenyans, who considered them an unjustified provocation that could affect the relationship between the two neighboring countries that share common interests.

Kainerogaba, in a subsequent tweet, said that he had spoken with his father, who was disturbed by the provocative tweets he had posted, which had angered Kenyans, and had also told him that he would soon make changes in positions.

Subsequently, Kaynerugaba, who is widely seen as the de facto commander of the army and his father's successor, stated that the comments were made in jest.

Following the sensational tweets, the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in a statement on Tuesday, without referring directly to Kinerugaba, that it is committed to "peaceful coexistence" with neighboring Kenya.

100 cows

Kainerogaba's tweets did not stop there, but he also shared other tweets about his desire to marry potential Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and said that he would give her 100 cows from the distinctive breed of Ncor.

I would give her 100 Nkore cows immediately!

For being fearless and true!!

— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) October 2, 2022

For my Italian friends, these are Nkore cows.

The most beautiful cows on earth.

I know Europeans give girls they like flowers?

I have never understood it.

In our culture you give a girl you like a cow.

— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) October 3, 2022

Muhozi said, in another tweet, that he will appoint the Italian ambassador to Uganda, Massimiliano Mazanti, as a mediator in the marriage, and will give him the task of negotiating with the bride.

I appoint my good friend, the Italian ambassador to Uganda HE @massi_mazzanti as 'Katerarume'.

I don't know what the English call it?

He will negotiate the bride price.


— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) October 3, 2022

These tweets were widely popular, and thousands of sarcastic comments, but they angered many across the Ugandan platforms, who did not like the actions of the president's son, which could lead to major diplomatic problems.

In the wake of those tweets about Kenya and the Italian Prime Minister, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense announced, through his Twitter account, yesterday, Tuesday, that the Ugandan president had taken a decision to relieve Kinerugaba from his post, and to appoint Kayanga Mohanga in his place, while Kainerogaba was promoted to the rank of general from 4-star category, and will continue to serve as a military advisor to his father, but no longer commander of the ground forces.

Promotions And Appointments In UPDF

— Defense Spokesperson (@UPDFspokespersn) October 4, 2022

Despite his dismissal, the Ugandan president's son celebrated his new rank, and tweeted, "We will hold a celebration on Kampala Road for this rank. I thank my father for this great honor."

The Ugandan president has ruled the country for 36 years (Reuters)

sarcasm and criticism

Kaynerugaba's tweets received a wide interaction across the platforms, as many mocked the Ugandan general, and criticized his actions, which were not punished in the end.

Tweeters criticized these irresponsible actions on the part of the president's son, and hinted at the need to take care of the country's affairs and what the citizens suffer instead.

And one of the tweeters wrote, commenting on his marriage proposal, "Start with the hungry residents in the north, go to the people affected by the floods and Health Center 3, especially the maternity wards, and find out if they have enough beds and medicines."

Bloggers believed that Muhuzi's new promotion, whatever the reason, would be another step towards inheriting power from his 78-year-old father, who has ruled the country for 36 years, but the Ugandan president has consistently denied this.