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Initially designed for running, the New Balance is synonymous with comfort and quality.

If the first to wear it are indeed sports aficionados, the New Balance models nevertheless manage to seduce the biggest stars as soon as they are released.

Each new model is also successful, bringing the brand to the forefront of the urban fashion scene from year to year.

New Balance is now recognized worldwide for the quality of the models, as well as for their iconic style.

Some are even among the most sought-after sneakers.

New Balance, more than a century of sneakers

Born in 1906 in Boston, the New Balance brand initially designed arch support systems.

Intended to improve the comfort of runners, to facilitate walking for people with foot problems, these devices take the form of an insole with 3 supports.

If the success is total, the brand is not satisfied with this single product and changes strategy a few years later.

She then embarked on the design of a pair of sneakers simply called New Balance, intended for the running sector.

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New Balance: classic models that have become iconic at Wethenew

Unlike other giants in the urban fashion sector, New Balance plays the card of sobriety.

Far from imitating its competitors with flashy advertisements and resounding sponsorships, the brand prefers to be discreet, to impose itself by the simple quality of its sneakers.

Over the years, she has designed colorful models, with a sober style, but with formidable comfort.

This is the case for its most classic models such as the New Balance 574. Adapted to all sizes, to all foot morphologies, the brand's models are gradually and quietly establishing themselves as references.

Discover all New Balance models on Wethenew

5 trendy New Balance sneakers at Wethenew

Comfort is the signature of the New Balance brand, as is the elegance and sobriety of its models.

If some are very colorful, they nevertheless retain discreet lines, always clean.

They are therefore easily worn, by the most athletic as well as by urbanites.

On the Wethenew website, the New Balance collection is offered to you, with many models available.

Some are among the most classic, others have recently come onto the market.

In any case, you can find the pair that matches your style:

  • New Balance 2002R Navy Cream: €190

  • New Balance 9060 Joe Freshgoods Inside Voices Penny Cookie Pink: €310

  • New Balance 650R Aimé Leon Dore White Green: €275

  • New Balance 327 Casablanca Holly Green: €210

  • New Balance 550 Milk White: €180

Some New Balance models are designed to accompany everyday life.

Comfortable, they are also easy to match with casual outfits, but also more elegant.

The New Balance 550 are the perfect example.

Available in a variety of colors, this pair of sneakers can be worn with a casual style as well as with a skirt or a dress.

It is an ideal model in spring or summer, for example, allowing you to wear sneakers with a pastel look.

If you are looking for more original sneakers to accompany your outfit, you will undoubtedly prefer more daring models, like the New Balance 9060 or 650R.

More imposing, they go perfectly with an autumnal style combining hoodie and raw jeans.

Discover all New Balance models on Wethenew

New Balance is an iconic brand of street wear fashion and the world of sneakers.

One of a kind, it offers models that perfectly combine comfort and style.

Each of them responds to expectations and needs.

Some are designed to offer you comfort and stability on a daily basis, others are more designed to improve your sports performance.

All are available on the Wethenew website.

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