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Marie Lisa Kehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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Mistakes happen - the question is how to deal with them.

The Hessian SPD publicly apologized on Wednesday for a failed greeting - and finally received praise for admitting the mistake.

There is also praise for the RMV transport company, which instead of constantly making improvements, wants to replace its twelve-year-old app with a new one.

And also we apologize for a mistake:

In the Tuesday newsletter, the Thursday anniversaries were incorrectly named.

The list of those whose birthday is TODAY can be found at the end of the newsletter.

Ticket purchase via app is made easier:

Around every tenth ticket in the RMV network is currently bought via the RMV app.

If things go according to the ideas of RMV Managing Director Knut Ringat, every second person should use the offer in the future.

And because progress can sometimes only be achieved through radical changes, it should no longer be possible to reinstall the RMV app, which has been so familiar to many for years, from October 17th.

If you already have it on your cell phone, you can only use it until the end of the year.

Instead, the transport association wants to score points with the new "RMVgo" app.

What makes it different from the old version?

It should be clearer and easier to use and make it easier to search for connections and buy tickets.

In addition, rental bicycles, e-scooters or car-sharing vehicles can be booked for the onward journey from the destination station.

RMV customers should also benefit from a new savings model.

But no matter how much you twist or turn it: the nine-euro ticket will not replace this model.

Nevertheless, as Ralf Euler writes, it can still be an incentive to leave the car at home more often.

The "RMV savings pass" can be purchased for ten euros and 30 days and offers a 25 percent discount on short trips, single tickets and day tickets for adults.

Strikes in times of crisis:

Employees in the metal and electrical industry in Hesse are demanding eight percent more wages.

The approximately 200,000 employees are represented in collective bargaining by Jörg Köhlinger, district manager of IG Metall-Mitte.

He doesn't like a soft course: "We need an effective wage increase!" In an interview with the trade unionist, business editor Falk Heunemann asked critically: How much wage increase can be demanded in an industry that is also being shaken up by the crisis?

Why are one-off payments not an alternative for Köhlinger?

And why does he believe that the eight percent requirement should actually be revised upwards again?

In view of the economic risks, the required wage increase is "quite possible and also necessary due to the economic development", as Köhlinger says.

The situation is "much better than what the employer side attests".

No excuses:

"Something stupid happened to us, for which we are rightly criticized." That's a sentence!

No whining.

No attempt to shift blame and responsibility.

It was written by the head of the press office of the Hessian SPD.

His department made a mistake that drew criticism from the Hessian SPD.

On the eve of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, the party published a message in which they wished all Jews "Gmar chatima tova", the traditional congratulations on the "Day of Atonement".

However, the post was illustrated with a photo of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a holy site of Islam that also occupies a place of significance for Jews.

As a result, the SPD was accused, among other things, of “anti-Semitic politics”.

After all: The honest and direct apology was received by the users.


Boris Rhein also puts his disappointment into perspective after the federal-state dialogue on the energy crisis and even praises the schedule


the “Artist Wiesbaden” collective has finally moved into a permanent venue after more than three decades in the Walkmühle


criticizes the state association of the Association of German Judicial Officers that the Judicial Officers are still being neglected when it comes to job creation in the Hessian judiciary, despite an increase.

Stay healthy,

Marie Lisa Kehler

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for Thursday

Cloudy in the morning, but mostly dry.

Later the sun shows up more often.

Maximum temperatures in the afternoon around 21 degrees.

have birthday


Wednesday October 5th

Gudrun Doll-Tepper

, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the German Olympic Academy Willi Daume, Frankfurt (75);

Bernd Lunkewitz

, former Frankfurt real estate investor and publisher (75);

Horst Reinhardt

, Spokesman of the Management Board of Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank, Frankfurt (68) from 2013 to December 2021;

Martin Faass

, art historian, director of the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt (59);

Rainer Gimplinger

, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank Sports Foundation Main-Kinzig, Hanau (56);

Heiko Durth

, President of the Hessen Mobil state authority (54);

Christian Mook

, Frankfurt restaurateur (53);

Thomas Kremer

, President of the Rhein-Main Business Club, Frankfurt (51).

Thursday October 6th

Marie-Luise Recker

, historian, chairwoman of the Frankfurt Historical Commission (77);

Hannes Karnick

, documentary filmmaker, representative of the documentary film working group in Hesse, Darmstadt (75);

Joachim Kreysing

, Managing Director of the industrial park operator Infraserv Höchst, Frankfurt (58).

You can find information about events online.