Indonesian President Joko Widodo has given the joint investigation committee one month to hand over the results of the investigation into the Kanjuruhan stadium tragedy that occurred last Saturday, in which hundreds of people were killed and injured.

Widodo announced - in front of a hospital in Malang - that he would ask to check all football fields, and promised to search for the "deep" cause of the stampede that killed 131 people.

"I want to know the roots of the problem that led to this tragedy so that we can get the best solution," he added.

The accident is considered one of the worst stadium disasters in the world, and the police announced the death of 125, while the health department in Malang said the death toll was 131.

Police tried to disperse the crowd by firing tear gas after they stormed the Kanjuruhan Stadium, after the host team, Arima Malang, lost 2-3 to Persibaya Surabaya, its rival in East Java.

This was the first time in more than 20 years that Arima Malang's team had lost to its opponent.

Following the incident, the country's president ordered the suspension of all matches in the Premier League until investigations were completed.

The Football Association said the club's security director and head of the organizing committee will be banned from working in the sport for life, while dozens of police officers are under investigation, with at least nine suspended.