This is a first in France: sales of electric cars exceeded those of diesel cars in September 2022. 22,481 cars in the first category were thus sold, against 20,136 diesel cars, reports

01 Net

 which relays the figures from NGC Data.

Since January 2022, electric vehicles have won 13% of the market share, and even 16% in September.

One model is particularly attractive at the moment: Renault's 100% electric Megane E-Tech, which recorded 2,897 new registrations last month.

A less bright future

This rebound in electrics can also be explained by the supply policy of car manufacturers at the moment.

With the shortage of electronic components, companies are giving priority to supplying electric car assembly lines.

The idea is to continue to feed the market – and avoid European sanctions.

Today, Renault is driving the electric car market in France.

But despite good figures, the diamond brand could be the victim of shortages of certain parts and no longer be able to meet demand.

The drop in the ecological bonus, granted by the government, from 6,000 to 5,000 euros on January 1, 2023 could also impact sales.


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