Election results from September 11 gave a distribution of mandates which means that M, L, KD and C gather 25 mandates out of 61. S, V, MP get 29 mandates together.

SD gets 7 mandates.

"This means that the red-green parties get a majority in the Municipal Board and that there are therefore no conditions for the Alliance to continue to govern without making itself actively dependent on the SD," the Center Party writes in a press release.

"Can't find a way with the Alliance"

- We have now come to the conclusion that the Center Party cannot find a way with the Alliance with our participation and therefore choose to cancel the negotiations, says Andreas Olsson, municipal councilor Center Party.

Now the Center Party is canceling negotiations with the Alliance and starting a dialogue with the Social Democrats.

- We can see that there are difficulties in achieving results in negotiations with the Social Democrats, but we are prepared to start a dialogue between our parties, says Thomas Magnusson, circuit chairman of the Center Party.