It was the day before the election on September 10 that the police were called to Örkelljunga where a young man and girl in their teens had been beaten.

The girl had been knocked to the ground, punched in the face and kicked in the stomach.

The man had been kicked and then hit by a car so that his leg was crushed between the car and a post.

Subsequently, two NMR representatives who ran for council in Örkellunga, Sebastian Elofsson and Marcus Hansson, were arrested.

Now they are both charged at Helsingborg district court for assault.

NRM signs had been torn down

In the indictment, it appears that the origin of the incident was that the NMR representatives should have accused the man and the girl of tearing down NMR signs.

Sebastian Elofsson and Marcus Hansson allegedly stopped with a car and threatened them.

The man and girl started to walk away and then watched as the two men put on gloves, masked themselves and ran after them.

Then they were both beaten.

After this, Sebastian Elofsson allegedly got into the car and ran over the young man so that his leg was crushed between a pole and a car. 

Denies crime

Shortly afterwards, the police found the two men in a backyard in Örkelljunga.

One of them is wearing boxing gloves.

In addition to the victims, there are two independent witnesses who identified Sebastian Elofsson and Marcus Hansson as the perpetrators.

Both men deny wrongdoing.