North Korea protested the return of the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Ronald Reagan, to waters on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an official statement on the 6th, "We are closely monitoring the fact that the United States is creating a serious threat to the stability of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas by reintroducing an aircraft carrier strike group into the waters of the Korean peninsula." The Korean Central News Agency reported.

The Ronald Reagan, which left the waters of South Korea after completing the ROK-US joint exercise, is scheduled to return to the high seas of the East Sea to participate in the South Korea-U.S.-Japan joint exercise in response to North Korea's launch of medium-range ballistic missiles.

"We strongly condemn the U.S. and some of its followers for unjustly dragging the United Nations Security Council the appropriate countermeasures against the ROK-U.S. joint exercises that heighten military tensions on the Korean Peninsula," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

This confirms that the medium-range ballistic missile launched by North Korea on the 4th is a reaction against the South Korea-US joint exercise in the East Sea with the participation of the Ronald Reagan and others at the end of last month.