- There is not an excessively large interest and we do not know why it is so, says Annika Tigerhielm who is the coordinator for covid vaccinations in Region Kronoberg, and continues:

- This is how it looks all over Sweden and it can be due to many things, that people may not know that you can get vaccinated or if people wait and do it at the same time as against the seasonal flu.

Via the health center

Nowadays, it is via the health centers that the vaccinations are done and there are a lot of free times and a good supply of vaccines, according to the region.

- The health centers have created capacity to be able to vaccinate, but that capacity cannot be maintained unless appointments are booked.

That is why we want you to take advantage of the opportunity that exists now.

We will do different campaigns via social media to try to reach people, says Annika Tigerhielm.

Is it a problem that interest is low?

- Absolutely, we want everyone to take dose four, it is also a new updated vaccine that is offered.

Nowadays, it is only people over 65 who are recommended by the Public Health Agency to take the covid vaccine.

For people between 18 and 64 years of age, it is an offer.