Sunday, day of the lord... and sometimes of some abuse.

A man living in Nancy managed to link the two on October 2.

Whether by his own will or not, he in any case found himself locked inside a church in the early evening, reports

L'Est Républicain


The following ?

The 20-year-old damaged two wooden doors to access the sacristy where he feasted on mass wine and a bottle of crémant left there, before alerting passers-by through a fence and being freed by the local police.

Placed in police custody, the individual was checked in a state of intoxication.

However, he had had time to make some reservations since several bottles of the same Mass wine were found on him.

The man accepted the 60 hours of community service (TIG) offered.


Lorraine: The dismembered body is that of a Portuguese woman residing in Luxembourg

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Nancy: Escaped from prison, he was arrested while trying to escape a police check

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