Regarding the debate over the constitution, Komeito's vice-president of the North side said that each party has a shared awareness of issues such as the "emergency clause" and "clearance of the Self-Defense Forces," and that the current extraordinary session of the Diet will discuss further. I expressed my desire to do so.

The Liberal Democratic Party, the New Komeito Party, the Japan Restoration Party, and the Democratic Party for the People are aiming to steadily hold a House of Representatives Commission on the Constitution every week in the current extraordinary Diet session, just like in the regular Diet session this year, in order to accelerate debate on the constitution. It is a policy to appeal to the Constitutional Democratic Party.

Regarding this, Komeito's vice-president of the north side said, ``Due to the accumulation of discussions in the previous ordinary Diet session, there was no consensus between the parties on the three themes of ``emergency clause'', ``clearance of the Self-Defense Forces'', and ``revision of the referendum law''. There is a shared awareness that it is extremely important."

After that, he said, "The current extraordinary session of the Diet is a very short session, but I hope that we can deepen discussions on these three themes and, if possible, have discussions that will narrow things down a little more."

Regarding the stable succession to the imperial throne, he said, "It's an extremely important theme, and it's important to have discussions in each party, but I want the speakers of both houses of the House of Representatives to take the lead and build a consensus. In that case, Oshima, then Speaker of the House of Representatives, demonstrated leadership and frequently called each party to exchange opinions."