With 5,400 employees divided between Rennes and Cesson-Sévigné, Orange is by far the largest private employer in the Breton capital.

The bulk of the troops, 3,000 people precisely, works for Orange Business Services, the branch of the operator dedicated to businesses.

To accommodate all this small world, Orange therefore needs space.

Plenty of room too.

Today, 17 buildings spread over several sites accommodate the Orange Business Services teams.

But now is the time to regroup.

At the start of the school year in September 2023, the operator will move into a brand new building of nearly 7,000 m².

Located right next to the new Atalante metro station, the building will be able to accommodate 900 employees.

Working comfort and energy saving

In return, Orange will give up nine buildings it has occupied until now, most of them as a tenant.

"Some dated from the 1980s and no longer met modern standards," said Jean-Marc Escalettes, director of Orange Grand Ouest.

For the operator, this grouping aims to “provide a better working environment for the teams”, in particular by facilitating “transversality and work in collaborative mode”.

The new building will also allow Orange to save money and reduce its energy bill.

“It will be easier to heat a single modern site than four small, aging sites,” assures Jean-Marc Escalettes.


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