A 37-year-old father was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, including six firm sentences, for having mistreated his children, now aged 2 and 3;


La République du Centre


The hearing took place on Tuesday, before the court in Orléans (Loiret).

The president mentioned some of the 16 acts of violence listed during the gendarmerie investigation.

The defendant, who admitted the facts, notably put the bib in his child's mouth to silence him.

He was also accused of having locked the smallest, then one year old, in the garage.

He hits his son with an electric cable

He deliberately made one of his sons drink a bottle that was too hot, burning him in the lip.

At the helm, his partner also recounted the time he hit one of the boys with an electric cable.

During yet another crisis last August, the mother of the family finally warned her neighbors who alerted the gendarmes, putting an end to the torture of the couple's children.

The defendant's sentence is flexible, the court said.

The latter is prohibited from contacting his ex-partner and their children.

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