In response to North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile that flew over Japan, the House of Representatives passed a resolution at the plenary session on the 5th stating that it would lodge a strong protest against North Korea and strongly urge it to stop its provocative actions. Approved unanimously.

The resolution said, ``North Korea has launched ballistic missiles a total of 20 times since the beginning of this year, and in this situation, it launched a ballistic missile that passed over Japan for the first time in about five years. It is a grave and imminent threat to the security of our country and is absolutely unacceptable. We strongly protest and condemn it in the strongest possible terms."

The Japanese government should further strengthen its efforts to fully implement sanctions based on UN Security Council resolutions on UN member states, and urge them to take strict and effective measures against North Korea.

In addition, he pointed out that the abduction issue is the most serious problem, and said, "The international community will unite and the government will make all-out efforts to achieve a comprehensive and prompt resolution of the nuclear, missile, and abduction issues by North Korea. We should focus on it.”

In response to the unanimous passage of the resolution, Prime Minister Kishida said, "It is absolutely unacceptable for North Korea to forcefully launch ballistic missiles over Japan. We will do our utmost to quickly and comprehensively resolve the nuclear, missile and, most importantly, the abduction issue."

The House of Councilors is also expected to adopt a similar resolution on the 6th.