Because there were mistakes in the preparation of the elections in Berlin and the subsequent chaos, the state's constitutional court wants to have the elections to the House of Representatives repeated.

Now there is also a dispute about what this means for the federal election.

The traffic light coalition only wants to repeat the election in 300 polling stations and only for the second vote.

Peter Müller, judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, says in an interview: A situation like that in Berlin "one could have imagined in a dictatorial developing country a few decades ago, but not in the middle of Europe, in the middle of Germany."

Anna Sophia Lang

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Reinhard Muller

Responsible editor for "current affairs" and FAZ objection, responsible for "state and law".

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Mass civil court proceedings are a phenomenon that has occupied the judiciary for years.

Thousands of diesel proceedings, lawsuits from passengers, from privately insured persons or, more recently, from Wirecard investors against the Bafin are being submitted to the courts.

Because each procedure has to be processed individually, although the facts are often similar down to the last detail, the consumption of resources is enormous.

Hesse's state government, in the person of Justice Minister Roman Poseck (CDU), has now introduced a Federal Council initiative to make processing more efficient and to relieve the courts.

In the program we also talk about why the murder of the banker's son Jakob von Metzler is still on our minds after 20 years, and we analyze a "just judgment" on negative ratings on Ebay.

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3:07 Interview with constitutional judge Peter Müller

19:10 Interview with Justice Minister Roman Poseck

43:27 The 20th anniversary of the murder of Jakob von Metzler

55:09 Righteous Judgment

1:02:00 Question about the September 21, 2022 episode