“Next step, Europa-Park.

Two minute stop.

This is perhaps the future message that will be broadcast in the TGV Inoui in the direction of Freiburg-en-Brisgau.

From December 11, the line serving the German city from France will stop near the famous amusement park.

Precisely at Ringsheim/Europa-Park station.

From there, travelers can board a road shuttle for a ten-minute ride to the entrance of the leisure complex.

This is a step forward since the German park, regularly voted the best in the world in its category, was previously difficult to access on the rails.

Tickets from 49 euros

"French travelers had to get off at Lahr station (located about 15 km from Ringsheim / Europa-Park) and then take a regional train", recalls the SNCF in a press release.

The French company has also communicated its first prices for tickets, therefore valid from December 5 but on sale from this Wednesday.

“The Paris – Ringsheim/Europa-Park journey (in 2h37) is offered from 49 euros in second class.

Holders of the Carte Avantage will benefit from the same advantages as for a national course, with a price capped at 59 euros in second class, ”she writes again.

From Strasbourg, the famous “Silver Star” attraction is now “42 minutes away”.


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