“We can't do it alone,

we need Europe's intervention


Important words are those spoken by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, during his speech in Trapani, the first stage of the two days in Sicily.

“We are not able on our own to respond to the defense of Italy as a country, explains Bonomi -.

We are a transforming country, devoid of energy and mineral resources.

With this condition of energy prices, we cannot work miracles.

We are at a stage where we are suspending production.

Production and businesses are in crisis


“We need Europe to intervene - he specifies again speaking of the rise in energy prices -, to put

a cap on the price of gas

, for all gas, the suspension of the ITS market is needed.

It is unthinkable that we can go with these prices to buy green certificates ”.

Then a clarification on the Italian political situation: "The Draghi government has brought authority, we have kept the bar straight in Europe, as in sanctions by giving support". 

Now Confindustria hopes for "a

government composed of

impeccable authoritative people, which confirms the Atlantic and NATO choice".

"The forecasts all show a slowdown in the Italian rebound, this is not a question of being pessimistic but no one can make predictions in this situation in which prices are no longer able to estimate, and that is why we need not only an authoritative government and competent but we need everything in politics to show

seriousness and responsibility

”, adds Bonomi.

 “The company is territory, we must put all the resources for the poor - reports Bonomi -.

If the

citizenship income

is not active against poverty, it must be suspended ”.

Speaking then of the importance of the industrial sector for the country, Bonomi says “

without industry there is no work

- he says - I have faith in Italian business”.

On the flat tax, the president of Confindustria specifies: "The parties can legitimately realize the electoral promises, but with these few resources we cannot afford interventions on flat tax on early retirement, the resources we have must put them all on the

expensive bills

, it is essential to do this intervention ". 

Bonomi therefore launches a warning: “Because the next government must be clear that

industrial production must be saved,

which means hundreds of thousands of jobs, it means putting the territory in crisis”.

Then the clarification: “

We do not express ourselves on the electoral result


Confindustria by statute and vocation is autonomy, non-partisan, governmental.

It is the Italians who choose their own representation, it is the Italians who choose the Parliament and the parties, we do not support either and for one or the other, we are respectful of the parties.

Our working method will be to evaluate the merit of the measures ".