▲ Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Jeong-sik answers questions from lawmakers

In the midst of a dispute between the ruling and opposition parties over the so-called 'yellow envelope law', an amendment to the Labor Union Act that restricts companies' claims for damages against strikers at the Ministry of Employment and Labor's state audit "He repeatedly expressed his cautious stance regarding the amendment of the law.

Democratic Party lawmaker Jeon Jeon-gi said, "The Yellow Envelope Act is to guarantee the rights of subcontractors."

On the other hand, Rep. Ji Seong-ho of People's Power said, "There were illegal strikes at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and Hite Jinro this year, and these illegal strikes cause huge economic losses due to lost labor. We need a lawsuit,” he said.

Rep. Jin Seong-joon of the Democratic Party of Korea said, "Can the union or workers afford such an astronomical amount?" He said, "It is urgent to reach a social consensus on the issue of compensation for damages and provisional seizure."

Minister Lee Jung-sik said, "I think sanctions for excessive abuse of handicap are necessary."

(Photo = Yonhap News)