It is now clear how Habo municipality will be governed for the next four years.

It will continue to be a bourgeois alliance and it is the Moderates, the Christian Democrats, the Liberals and the Center Party that are part of the collaboration.

- We are grateful that we received the voters' trust in the election and that we have now agreed to continue our cooperation in the next term as well, says Susanne Wahlström, (M), who is the chairman of the municipal board, in a press release.

18 out of 35 mandates

The parties together have 18 mandates out of 35 in the municipal council and they are therefore not dependent on any other parties.

The bourgeois alliance states that during the autumn a joint action program for the coming mandate period will be developed.

- We will continue to work to be efficient and responsible.

We will prioritize welfare, i.e. school, care and social care and work to live up to Habo municipality's vision "the sustainable municipality for life", says Susanne Wahlström.