A resident of Brie-Comte-Robert (Seine-et-Marne) was placed under judicial supervision on Saturday for an attempted kidnapping of two children.

A judicial inquiry has been opened.

The suspect would have approached the minors Thursday, September 29, 2022 in his town by offering them food in order to get them into his vehicle;


The Republic of Seine-et-Marne


Seeing them fleeing, he then allegedly chased them down the street.

Mothers intervene

The children managed to warn a stranger who contacted the police.

The man would then have reappeared at the wheel of another vehicle.

The terrified children's mothers tried to stop him by clinging to the doors.

When they fell, they injured themselves and were prescribed several days of ITT.

Several hours later, the anti-crime brigade was finally able to arrest the 54-year-old suspect, known to the police, for other types of facts.

Questioned by the police, he denied having attempted to abduct the children.

He was brought before the Melun prosecutor's office on Saturday before being placed under judicial supervision.


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