Central Africa wants to take its responsibilities in the fight against global warming

A road crosses a forest in northern Congo.

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The preparatory work for the climate conference scheduled for November in Egypt ended on Tuesday in Kinshasa.

On Wednesday again, some delegations continued work to reach common positions.

This is the case of the countries of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

The members of this sub-regional organization insist on their own responsibilities in the preservation of the Congo Basin forests.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa,

Patient Ligodi

ECCAS delegates want to establish the regional equivalent of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

They even want to speed up the process with the general assembly of the Research Group on Climate Change in Central Africa scheduled for this week in Kinshasa. 

We cannot enter into negotiations without understanding what we have.

If science helps us to have credible information, it will even help the politicians in the negotiations to have a coherent language and coherent objectives

 ”, Benjamin Toirambe Bmoninga, Secretary General for the Environment and Sustainable Development in the DRC.

Central African countries are also counting on funding, adds Honoré Tabuna, ECCAS Commissioner for the Environment, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development.

 It is no longer a question of going to cry, going to tell the international community that it is giving us resources.

It is now clear that we want to make efforts at the internal, sub-regional level


The other perspective is to further involve the private sector with the creation of the Central African business network for the green economy.

The DRC has offered to host the executive bodies of these two new organizations.

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