They explained that Arab businesses are able to compete with “Netflix”

Artists and Producers: The future of drama for digital platforms... and competition will turn into it within two years

During the "Drama on Its Throne" session.

Cinematography: Mostafa Qassemi

Artists and producers confirmed that the future of drama has become for digital platforms, which prompted a large number of audiences to switch to it, explaining that in two years from now we will be in the era of platforms and competition will only turn to it.

And they mentioned during the “Drama on Its Throne” session within the activities of the Dubai Media Forum, yesterday, that Arab works can compete on the condition that they provide good content, especially since the viewer no longer has loyalty to a particular screen, but to the content itself.

The producer and CEO of Cedars Art Production, Sadiq Al-Sabah, stressed that platforms are the future, but television will continue to have an impact in some poor areas, and its role will be limited to discussing some local issues, noting that within two years from now we will be in the era of platforms and competition will turn to it only. .

He pointed out that Arab businesses can compete with “Netflix”, provided that competing Arab works are presented, especially since there is a large part of our work that has been translated and dubbed in the West, so we should not be afraid of global platforms, but we continue with the same enthusiasm to improve our work and raise its level.

He continued: “We set our sights on presenting an interesting and entertaining material with a dimension;

The political climate plays a role in some works,” stressing that joint Arab productions are important and help return Arab drama to its leadership.

The artist, Cyrine Abdel Nour, said that everything new has difficulty, and today we are moving to a new stage that some may accept, and others do not. There is a large segment of people who still prefer the screen, while the segment of youth and children cannot or prefer to sit in front of the TV.

She explained that the aspirations are now for the future, and the whole world will turn to the platforms.

For his part, the artist Abed Fahd said, "The screen for me is more important than the digital platform, and the increase in the percentage of subscribers to the digital platform does not tempt me or satiate my desire."

He added that art should touch society and the environment, but the platform has a different approach;

It has become more like an infection, especially after the emergence of “Netflix”;

The scriptwriter should write a script that suits “Netflix” and not the Arab viewer, stressing that the freedom given to the “Netflix” platform does not allow us to do such acts with the audacity they include.

In turn, Sarah Al Jarman, Director of Public Channels Department at Dubai Media Incorporated, confirmed that the competition has now shifted from screens and platforms to the same content;

The competition has become global after the entry of Spanish, Turkish and Korean content, in addition to Arabic works.

She explained that the viewer no longer has loyalty to any specific screen or product, but it has now changed because what matters to the viewer is the appropriate content for him, and I do not think that any platform cancels the other, but the presented content is what attracts the viewer.

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