The federal government wants to extend the Bundeswehr stabilization mission in Iraq by another year until the end of October 2023.

The corresponding request for a mandate was approved by the cabinet on Wednesday.

The mission should prevent the resurgence of the jihadist organization "Islamic State" (IS) "and promote reconciliation in Iraq," said deputy government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann.

The plan is to continue deploying up to 500 German soldiers as part of the international anti-IS coalition.

Hoffmann said the government's decision was the result of a review of the previous operation, which had taken place in advance.

The Bundestag must now decide on the extension.

"Even if progress has been made in the conduct of operations and implementation, further measures to stabilize Iraq and in the regional fight against IS are necessary," Hoffmann said of the extension.

It is about strengthening the Iraqi security sector there and implementing reforms.

Iraqi government wants continuation

The aim is also to continue to effectively counter the threat to the country from IS “in close coordination with the needs of the Iraqi government”, while strengthening Iraqi responsibility and thus “offering the country prospects for development”.

Military support remains essential for this.

"We are doing very important work there with a very limited deployment of forces, which is very much appreciated by the local partners," said a spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office.

The continuation is the desire of the Iraqi government.

The Bundeswehr mission began in 2015 in a different form and configuration.

At that time, Syria was also part of the operational area of ​​​​the mission, which also included air surveillance and air refueling.