News from Ukraine.

Scenes showing the atrocities of Russian troops are being confirmed one after another in the areas reclaimed by Ukraine, which has launched a counterattack.

Traces of horrendous torture of civilians were also found.

By Kim Young-ah, staff reporter.

<Reporter> The

plastic barrel is full of gold teeth.

Next to it is a gas mask that has been burned and left behind.

They were found in the basement of a house in the Kharkiv region recently recaptured by the Ukrainian army.

Local residents said Russian soldiers had killed civilians there by plucking their teeth alive and putting them in gas masks and putting pieces of flaming cloth in them.

There are also testimonies exposing the terrible situation inside the torture chamber where water torture and electric chairs were mobilized.

[Ludmila Shavelink/Mother who lost her son to Russian military torture: People didn't even recognize her son well.

His ribs were broken and his face was unrecognizable.]

[Mykolo Mosyakin/Izium resident: The Russians put a cloth over my face and poured water into a kettle.

I also did electric torture.]

Ukraine said it was a 'little Auschwitz' that showed the atrocities of the Russian army.

Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has finally signed a law on the annexation of four territories occupied by Ukraine.

This concludes all legal proceedings in Russia for the merger.

Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons to defend its annexed territories.

(Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)