A 47-year-old man appeared on Tuesday before the Montluçon criminal court (Allier) for premeditated violence and extortion.

The facts for which he was tried began in December 2018;


The Mountain


The forties had gone to the manager of a company of premium rate numbers sold to customers for their commercial activities.

He demanded 30,000 euros from her on behalf of his cousin, the director of a company in Tunisia.

Funds had been blocked due to suspected fraud.

The respondent had obtained the sum, as well as 2,000 euros as compensation.

Eighteen months in prison

The victim did not file a complaint and was finally reimbursed, once the suspicion of fraud was dispelled.

But history repeated itself in December 2020, for 14,000 euros.

The manager had not opened this time.

Then, on June 15, 2021, the forties went to his home and was violent, in particular by grabbing his companion by the collar.

The defendant was finally sentenced to three years in prison, including eighteen months suspended probation for two years.

He was absent at the time of deliberation.

An arrest warrant was therefore issued against him.


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