A brawl involving around thirty young people broke out on Tuesday noon at the Roosevelt high school in Reims (Marne).

The confrontation, opposing according to

the Union

of students to people outside the establishment, took place around the school but also inside.

A tear gas canister was notably used in the entrance hall.

A local resident told the daily that she saw a dozen young people go after another young person on the ground, in the street.

“They were kicking him in the head.

It was very violent, ”she says.

A security device around the school

When the police arrived, the people outside the school had fled.

The beaten student was taken care of by firefighters but refused to be taken to hospital.

The tension seemed to be mounting for a few days around Roosevelt High School.

The police have opened an investigation to try to understand the origin of this violence.

They have set up a security device around the school which should last a few days.

Miscellaneous facts

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Miscellaneous facts

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