▲ FA-50 light attack aircraft flying with a message to overcome Corona and the Taegeukgi

While Malaysia is struggling with the decision to introduce Korea Aerospace Industries' KAI's light attack aircraft, the FA-50, a local report has emerged that strongly supports the export of the FA-50 to Malaysia.

The Malaysian delegation will visit KAI in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do in mid-November to conduct due diligence after the price negotiations are over.

KAI has not denied the report.

It is known that the due diligence period will be longer than November.

The FA-50's competitor is India's Tejas, but the Malaysian side has no plans to visit India, so victory or defeat seems to be decided.

This year's second march of K-defense exports, including the FA-50 export to Malaysia, is beginning.

According to the report 'Analysis of K-Defense Export Support System and Future Tasks to Enter the Big 4 in Global Defense Exports' released by the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade on the 3rd, when the K2 tank export to Norway and Egypt and the Redback export to Australia are accomplished, This year's expected defense exports (based on orders) are between 18.4 billion and 22.4 billion dollars.

Annual defense exports, which used to be around $3 billion, more than doubled last year and exceeded $7 billion, and this year it tripled to exceed $20 billion.

Amid the prospect of worrying about a $50 billion trade deficit this year, K-Defense is struggling alone.

The moment is approaching right before our eyes to overtake China, Germany and the UK and enter the Big 4 in defense exports.

Malaysia 18+18 jackpot coming

There were not many articles about the Malaysian Air Force's light attack aircraft business in Malaysia.

There were a lot of reports in India and Korea, where there is a two-way battle.

Defense Security Asia, a local defense magazine in Malaysia after a long time, published 'FA-50 due diligence' on the 29th of last month...

KAI facility tour in mid-November?', "Malaysia delegation visits KAI to conduct due diligence", "Before the due diligence, the Malaysian government and KAI finalize the purchase of light attack aircraft and price negotiations", "FA through evaluation flight -Check the performance of the -50", "There is no visit to India," reported.

KAI's position is that "the report content is not significantly wrong."

The duration seems to be somewhat different.

A KAI official said, "There is no further negotiations with Malaysia" and "The due diligence and evaluation flight will be earlier than mid-November."

Even if Malaysia chooses KAI's FA-50, there is no separate event like Poland.

It is known that the Malaysian Air Force will officially announce the selection of the FA-50 at its air show next spring.

However, KAI plans to disclose it as soon as it is decided as a preferred bidder.

The Malaysian Air Force's primary and secondary projects are 18 aircraft each.

The Malaysian Air Force has already announced its policy to reduce the number of aircraft in operation, so the first aircraft will soon be the second aircraft.

In other words, if you win 18 this time, the second 18 will follow.

$20 billion in defense exports, Big 4, now a reality

Enlarging an image

The region that K-Defense is paying the most attention to these days is Europe.

Hyundai Rotem's K2 tank and German Leopard tank are competing for the next Norwegian tank spot.

Results will be available in the middle of this month at the earliest or the end of the month at the latest.

The atmosphere is good enough to assert that the director of the DAPA "I received excellent results in the test evaluation and technical evaluation".

It is a major event in the world arms market that our tanks overtake German tanks and become the preferred bidder in continental Europe.

It means that the K2 will rise to the status of the representative tank in the West, so it will boast unbeatable export competitiveness for a while.

Subsequent exports to Slovakia, Romania, and the Czech Republic are expected.

Hanwha Defense's redback export to Australia and K2 and K9's second export to Poland are also expected to hit jackpots between this month and next month.

It is not far off to break the 20 billion dollar mark in defense exports.

It is on the verge of rising from the 8th place in the world in defense exports to the 4th place.

An unrealistic leaderboard with only the USA, Russia and France in front, followed by China, Germany, Italy and the UK.