The collaboration already in place between the

"Doppio Malto" brewery restaurant and the Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus today

takes an important step, as explained

by Giovanni Porcu, CEO of Doppio Malto

: "From today on our menus will have an extra burger, the tastier: the suspended burger.

Customers will not eat it, but they will be able to buy it at the symbolic price of 5 euros, which we will donate to Progetto Arca, to support the 'Mobile kitchen' project and other activities in the area, thanks to which

hot meals will be guaranteed every week. people in need

, reaching dozens of people in the city ”.

The goal is to extend the collaboration also to the “mobile kitchens” of other locations, as Giovanni Porcu explains: “It is an important synergy and, as we have conceived and organized it together with Progetto Arca, scalable.

A project that we would like to replicate in all the places where Doppio Malto is present.

There is a lot of need and we can give a lot ”. 

“Doppio Malto”


the Progetto Arca Onlus Foundation

began to collaborate in 2021, when Doppio Malto Milano Navigli restarts after the restrictions decided for the second pandemic wave.

The restaurant's kitchen works at lunch and dinner for traditional customers, in the afternoon it composes "


" containing the meals prepared for the people who live on the street and

which are then distributed by the volunteers of Progetto Arca


The choice is not to donate production leftovers,

but to create an ad hoc menu, to be changed every week

In June 2021

2,210 meals depart from the kitchen of Doppio Malto Milano Navigli, which become 6,300 in December 2021 and 5,430 in January 2022.

The Double Malt of Settimo Torinese is soon added and after more than a year, the meals departed from the kitchens of Doppio Malto Milano Navigli and Settimo Torinese and distributed thanks to the volunteers of Progetto Arca are approximately 73,629. 

 A “happy place” - is the slogan of Doppio Malto -

cannot fail to think also of the people who find themselves in conditions of need

, unfortunately more and more numerous.

"I want to return a piece of the good that happened to our company", explains Giovanni Porcu, presenting the further step in the collaboration with Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus, a reality that works to support and support fragile people and which, among the various charitable activities , serves meals to the homeless in Milan and other Italian cities through the "mobile kitchen".

In Milan alone, Progetto Arca serves around 150 hot meals every evening, 5 days a week.

The service is also active in Varese, Turin, Rome, Naples and Bari, with "canteens" that travel on wheels to meet needs, offer the warmth of a meal and open up the possibility of a relationship of listening and trust.

In the last year alone, more than 2 million and 600 thousand meals have been served, 340 thousand nights of hospitality and 3,000 medical visits have been offered, giving help to more than 25,000 people. 

“Over time, the collaboration with Doppio Malto has become structural and fundamental for us to organize the daily street distribution service of cooked and complete meals to homeless people thanks to the Mobile Kitchen”, underlines Alberto Sinigallia,

president of Fondazione Progetto Arca


“Today this new initiative of the

Suspended Burger is a further support dedicated to those we meet every evening in the streets of Milan and the other cities where we are present


Thanks to those who want to participate and, together with us, help those most in need ”.