A rumor is circulating on the right of the political spectrum: Former President Nicolas Sarkozy intends to leave Les Républicains if Bruno Retailleau is elected to lead the party.

"If Nicolas Sarkozy wishes to leave LR, let him do so", reacted this Tuesday Bruno Retailleau, questioned by Europe 1.

“I will tell you a secret: if I am elected and if Nicolas Sarkozy wishes to leave LR, let him do so.

I will not remember it and even I understand it, ”said the leader of the LR senators and candidate for the presidency of the party.

“I want to rebuild a real right”, hammered Bruno Retailleau, in the running for the presidency of LR with the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti, the secretary general of LR Aurélien Pradié and the mayor of Orléans Serge Grouard.

"A right that is really right"

“I understand that all those who have put a lot of energy into the re-election of Mr. Macron do not want me to become president of LR because they know that with me, I will never compromise on this.


I want a right that is really right.

I was saying it, not a half right, not a half right, the full right,” he claimed.

"I think that our past is also a liability", again launched the senator from Vendée, adding: "what I blame my own political family for is often to have apologized, it's all these abandonments and these cowardice”.

A “series of failures”

“Why did we experience this succession of failures?

I will give you some examples of these setbacks, of these abandonments, ”he said.

“Certainly, we made the tax exemption of the 35 hours but we did not abandon them, the 35 hours.

Admittedly, we made minimum penalties but we abandoned the double penalty.

Admittedly, we have reduced the public service a little, but we have created the ARS [regional health agencies] which have bureaucratized health, ”he criticized.


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