In troubled waters.

The bubbling caused by gas leaks has stopped over the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, but not Nord Stream 2. The Swedish coastguard announced this on Monday after an overview of the two pipes which were victims of a suspected sabotage at sea. Baltic.

The operator of the undersea gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany, Nord Stream AG, announced on Saturday the end of leaks on Nord Stream 2. A total of four large leaks releasing tens of thousands of tons of methane affected the two pipelines.

According to the Danish authorities, the leaks, in sharp decline, should stop around this weekend.

Underwater explosions equivalent to “hundreds of kilos” of TNT are the source of these leaks.

"All available information indicates that these explosions are the consequence of a deliberate act", indicated Sweden and Denmark in an official report submitted to the United Nations.

Suspected of being the source of the leaks, Russia had counterattacked on Wednesday, pointing the finger at the United States and obtaining a meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday.


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