[Global Web Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), as of October 1, local time, one of the worst hurricanes in the history of the United States, "Ian", has killed at least 77 people in the United States.

On September 28, local time, Hurricane "Ian" made landfall near the southwest coast of Florida, the United States. The National Hurricane Center said in a statement that "'Ian' is extremely dangerous."

Florida faces widespread power outages and the threat of flooding, with roads flooded and trees downed by the hurricane.

  According to reports, Hurricane "Ian" brought a triple disaster to the continental United States - dangerous floods, power outages and large-scale damage.

77 people in Florida and North Carolina have been confirmed dead in the hurricane's disaster, according to Florida officials and NBC.

The floodwaters receded as rescue efforts progressed, and local officials warned the death toll could rise.

  "Ian" made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida as a Category 4 hurricane since the afternoon of September 28, bringing heavy rain, storm surge and flooding to the local area, causing serious damage to a large number of houses, infrastructure, vehicles and boats.

According to a statement released by the White House, U.S. President Biden approved North Carolina’s state of emergency on October 1, local time, and ordered the federal government to provide assistance to help deal with the local impact of Hurricane Ian.

Biden also approved a state of emergency for South Carolina on September 29. On the same day, Biden announced that Florida was facing major disasters and ordered federal assistance to areas affected by Hurricane Ian.